My Next Adventure at Renovate America

This week I am excited to be starting my next adventure at Renovate America as an Energy Analyst. Renovate America is most well known for their Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program which utilizes Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to fund energy and water efficiency upgrades in the house through property tax payments. One advantage of this means of renewable financing is that the payments on the solar panel, HVAC, artificial turf, or other upgrade is transferable to the next homeowner because they will resume payments via the property taxes. Renovate America creates software, analysis solutions, and relationships with local governance to streamline this financing innovation. Renovate America is tackling the challenge of aligning the interests of the homeowner who wants to save energy and water, the contractor who needs to operate efficiently and provide excellent service, and the local jurisdiction who needs to reduce carbon emissions using justifiable metrics. Renovate America has demonstrated a formula that aligns these three interests and encourages consumer protection, approved contractor project streamlining, and meets local governance greenhouse gas reductions. One of the reasons I am excited to join Renovate America is that they are utilizing agile and iterative software development methods (SCRUM) to serve customer more effectively. I am a big believer in involving the end user in the development process very early on and am excited for a world of new learning at Renovate America.


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